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Driving School Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to share with you our Driving School and Driving Lessons Frequently Asked Questions we get from our clients.

1. Why is Need for P’s driving School is affordable compared to other driving schools?

We like to think our prices are reasonable to our customers and to instructors alike. Cheap driving lessons does not necessarily mean bad quality driving lessons. We always strive for the best results and a happy customer at the end of the day.

To save money on driving lessons it is best to take advantage and book one of our Multi Driving Lessons Packages which are discounted and available to anyone.

2. How many lessons do I need? We get this asked the most when a student learner enrols with our driving school.

It all depends on the individual. For exampel a total beginner might need 5 to 10 lessons before feeling comfortable to drive with their supervisor. However, this does not mean that they are fully experienced to drive and go for the driving test.

The first step a total beginner needs to have is a good control of the car before embarking on any driving lessons with a supervisor. This is much easier and safer safer with a driving instructor car that is equipped with a dual control pedal along with other safety features.

Depending on the individual’s fear of driving and their learning ability under pressure, 5 to 10 lessons is recommended. But, for a more confident learner driver who has had prior driving lessons, they may require atleast 3 to 5 lessons to fit in with our driving classes. All of these lessons gives our students further knowledge, skills and self condifence to prepare for the driving test in the near future.

3. How do I get my Victorian Driving licence?

The Victorian Driver’s Licence has requirements that needs to be fulfilled before you can have it.
Initially, you need to prepare and learn in your own time for the learners permit test. The information on the VicRoads website has booklets that you can download and learn the VicRoads road rules. Once you’re confident enough and that you’ve prepared well and have undergone the online learners tests then you’re ready to book for your Solo Driving Test at and VicRoads office.

You must be at least 18 years of age and a Victorian resident to be eligible to apply for a probationary driver licence.

All learner drivers who are driving for the first time have completed and recorded in your learner log book a minimum of 120 hours of supervised driving, including at least 10 hours at night (unless an exemption has been granted).

In Victoria, you must have a Victorian residential address, have evidence of identity requrements, not be currently suspended, cancelled, disqualified or refused from obtaining a probationary driver licence.

When you are successful and pass both the practical test along with the hazard perception test then you are granted your VicRoads Probationary Driving Licence.

4. How long does the learner driver permit must be held continuously for?
If you’re under 21 years of age you need to hold the learner permit for 12 months,
between 21 to 25 years, you need to hold it for 6 months,
25 or older for 3 months.
As for overseas licence holder please visit the overseas-drivers link for more information.

5. Do I need to do the Hazard perception test?
Yes, you must do the Hazard perception test at any Vicroads and be successful before booking your driving test.
Please refer to Vicroads Hazard Perception information page.

6. What do I need to bring with me to the driving test?

It is very important that you’re ontime and are ready for your driving test.

Bring the following on the day of your driving test:
* Your learners permit,
* Log book if under 21 years of age.
* If you’re an overseas licence holder – Your overseas licence with the correct documents including verification form in English if required depending on your licence, Passport, proof of address and credit card or a bank card.
* The correct Fees for the driving test. (not including Vicroads fee)
* Vicroads fees, please visit Vicroads Drive Test Page to find out all Vicroads fees.

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