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Need For P’s Driving School provides excellent value in each driving lesson to it’s clients. We work to transfer our knowledge and increase the learner driver’s driving ability and skills during every driving lesson. By the time our students have completed our driving courses they will be ready to go for the VicRoads Driving Test.

Driving School Prices and Package Deals

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Here at Need for P’s Driving School we encourage all learners to learn to drive in safety. We ensure all driving lessons have a specific connection to safe driving on the roads. After-all, the aim is to drive safely from point A to point B.

We believe that our Driving School has a positive impact on the driving habits of every learner driver when it comes to safe driving and safety.

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Driving is not just about hopping into the drivers seat and get going. There’s so much one needs to adhere to in order to have a safe journey, even if the journey is only a few minutes.

That is why safety is our number one priority.

Safe drivers provide worthwhile living experience to their families.

We help build those skills and much more.

  • We help you practice driving.
  • We’ll devote every minute of our driving lessons to teach you to drive.
  • We make sure that we put in the effort to help you learn to drive.
  • We’ll help you increase your observation skills at every driving lessons.
  • We can help increase your driving skills at each driving lesson.
  • We’ll built a habit of allowing you to be a safer driver.
  • Every lesson is about safe driving therefore we’ll make sure your safety is our number priority.
  • We emphasize the importance of being healthy and how it can affect your driving.
  • We’ll build your judgement of speed and distance as your driving course progresses.
  • We can help and assist you to increase your hazard perception skills.

Learn To Drive with our Driving School

Need For P’s Driving School makes it easy to learn to drive. We have a system in place where each student is progressively taught to drive. Be assured that here at Need For P’s Driving School we do our best to keep you focused on all aspects of driving.

We provide you with driving knowledge that will enable you to increase your driving skills and add high value to the driving experience.

We are a driving school who cares about our customers and love to share our driving and road knowledge at every driving session. These driving lessons will enable you to get closer to your target and that is to be ready for the VicRoads driving test.

Driving School Hours of Operation

We know how demanding your time can be and that is why we provide valuable driving lessons ,7 days a week between 8am to 8pm at night.

Our policy is to provide the best pricing regardless of the day you take your driving lessons. We make sure you save with your driving lessons costs even further by having one price list that is the same regardless of which day you take your driving lessons.

Driving Instructors

Our driving instructors are experienced and will adjust to your level of driving experience. We are experts in the driving school industry and work quite well with beginners and experienced learner drivers, overseas drivers and refresher driving lessons for those who may need to freshen up their driving skills.

Need For P’s Driving School employ’s friendly and professional driving instructors who are committed to helping every learner driver to pass their VicRoads driving test on the first go.

Driving Test

When a learner driver has obtained enough driving lessons as per VicRoads requirements and is well ready for the driving test then it is time to practice driving the test runs.

Driving test runs enables one to get accustomed to what is expected during the VicRoads driving test. If you’re taking driving lessons with us, we will notify you of your readiness for the driving test and talk to you about the test runs.

Safe Driving School

As a driving school operating in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne we focus to help build your driving skills. 

Our aim two fold: one to help you attain your driver’s licence and help build habits of safe driving. Safe driving will come handy for years into your future.

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