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Need For P’s Driving School has one of the highest driving test pass rates in Melbourne. Get yourself pre-qualified for the driving test before going for your VicRoads driving licence with Need For P’s Driving School.  We provide excellent value in each driving lesson to our all our clients. We work together to help you learn not only to drive on your own but also to help prepare you for the VicRoads Driving Test.

If you’re a beginner or someone who is almost ready to go for your drivers licence then call us to help you ready for your driving licence test.  By the time our students have completed our driving courses they will be ready to go for the VicRoads Driving Test with ease.

Our dedicated driving instructors are excellent teachers who enjoy the what they do, and love helping every learner driver to get their driver’s licence.  It is our aim to help as many learner drivers in Melbourne to learn to drive safely and acquire their licence in the process.

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Are You Ready for the Driving Test?

When a learner driver has obtained enough driving lessons as per VicRoads requirements and is well ready as per our criteria for the driving test then it is time to practice driving the test runs.

Driving test runs enables one to get accustomed to what is expected during the VicRoads driving test. If you’re taking driving lessons with us, we will notify you of your readiness for the driving test and talk to you about the test runs.

The VicRoads Drive Test

The VicRoads Drive Test checks to see if you’re ready to drive safely on your own with other traffic.

It is mandatory you pass the drive test to get your Victorian driver’s licence.

The VicRoads Drive Test is made up of two parts:

   – a Pre-Drive Check and
   – an On-Road Driving.

The On-Road Driving component is divided into two stages. You must pass stage one in order to progress to stage two.

Please go over to the VicRoads Drive Test page and know exactly what is required of you. Click this link to open the Drive Test page for more information. The drive test page is very valuable and will point out some crucial points for you to know before you attempt the driving test altogether.

Driving School Learner Driver

Here at Need for P’s Driving School we help and encourage all learners to learn to drive in safety. We ensure all driving lessons have a specific connection to safe driving on the roads. We are so sure most parents prefer and would want their children to be safer drivers for life.

We believe that our Driving School has a positive impact on the driving habits of every learner driver when it comes to safe driving and safety.

We help build those skills and much more.

  • We help you practice to be a better driver.
  • We’ll devote every minute of our driving lessons to teach you to drive safely.
  • We make sure and istruct our driving instructors to put in the effort to help you learn to drive.
  • We’ll help you increase your observation and driving skills in every driving lesson.
  • Every lesson is about safe driving therefore we’ll make sure your safety is our number one priority.
  • You will learn to build new hazard perception abilities as you progress from lesson to lesson.
  • You will be ready for the driving test as you progress with us.
  • And we can confidently say that when the time is right you will pass the driving test with ease.

Professional Driving Instructors

When it comes to going for your driving test you really need someone who has ample experience with driving tests. We’ve helped so many learners pass their diving test with ease. Our driving instructors are experienced and will adjust to your level of driving experience. We are experts in the driving school industry and work quite well with beginners and experienced learner drivers, overseas drivers and those who are need refresher driving lessons to freshen up their driving skills.

Need For P’s Driving School employ’s friendly and professional driving instructors who are committed to helping every learner driver to pass their VicRoads driving test on the first go. We have proof and 98% of our students pass their driving test. Just check out our students who’ve passed their driver’s licence test.

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