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Driving Lessons Melbourne

Teaching young people or anyone else for that matter is a challenge for us but one that is pursued and fulfilled with success. We take up all learner drivers, train them and provide great driver education. We help them to learn to driver the car within a few weeks of taking their very first few driving lessons. No matter who you are, with proper help and driver education and some good professional driving lessons you will end up getting your own driver’s licence and be driving on your own.

We offer driving lessons for anyone in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne who are wanting to get their VicRoads Driver’s Licence.

Enroll in any one of our Driving Courses:

  • Beginner Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • International licence change overs and driving instructor assisted driving lessons.
  • Nervous drivers Driving Lessons

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How many driving lessons should I do?

The average learner driver needs to fulfill 120 hours of practice driving lessons with a fully licensed driver (can be parents, uncles, aunties, friends and/or professional driving instructor(s)) before she/he can go for their drivers licence test in Victoria.

What do driving lessons cost?

The average cost of a driving lesson in Melbourne is about $60 for 1 hour of driving lesson. But, here at Need For P’s Driving School you can get a better deal with your driver education requirements. Check out our driving lessons price list here.

To save money on driving lessons it is best to take advantage and book one of our Multi Driving Lesson Packages which are discounted and available to anyone. These driving lessons will increase your road knowledge, driving ability and help you to advance your driving and driving skills. Our driving instructors are just eager to help you out with your VicRoads Driving Licence requirements.

Driving Lesson Prices and Package Deals

GET $5 Off Your First Lesson

45min – – – $45
60min – – – $60


Package Deals are by far the best value for driving lessons. You save more with package deals.

Package Deals from $220 for 5 lessons.

Talk to us for the best pricing structure to fit your budget.

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Driving School Students

Driving School Services

Driving Lessons for Young and Advanced Learners

Our driving school offers all learner drivers the required pace to learn to drive a car with ease and in safety. Our pass rates are very high and most students when they are ready for the drivng test, they get their driving licence on their first go. Just check out some of our past students who’ve easily passed their driving test.

Safe Driving Lessons

Young drivers are fairly new to the roads. Driving a car is a serious matter. That is why young drivers need to get lots of driving lessons as much as possible to safely drive on Melbourne roads. Consequently, we aim to teach all our students the importance of safe driving and to help increase awareness and hazard perception skills. Detecting and avoiding any potential hazards is an attribute of a very good and conscious driver.

Patient Driving Instructors

As a professional Melbourne driving school we’ve learned to exercise patience and understanding toward our young learner drivers. Our driving instructors are responsible teachers who love their work and help everyone go through the driving course with nothing but successfully passing the driving licence test.

From Beginner to Advanced Drivers

Every learner driver progresses through from beginners classes to more advanced ones. Ofcourse, some go onto drive in the advanced lessons much shorter. All learners will be taken through to complex level of driving as they get better with their driving skills.

We believe that progressive driving lessons provides better driver education that helps the student to become better long term drivers .

We help our students to become more aware of the environment they drive in and to maintain safe driving at all times during any driving lesson. Learner drivers who acquire these skills end up becoming the best drivers on the roads. They are great at detecting and avoiding hazards whilst driving. This is after all the aim of getting your driver’s licence. To be able to safely drive on your own! Good luck to all learner drivers.

Driving School

VicRoads Driving Test

As soon as a learner driver has obtained enough driving lessons as per VicRoads requirements and is ready for the VicRoads driving test then it is time to practice driving test runs.

Driving test runs enables a learner driver to get accustomed to what is expected during the VicRoads driving test. If you’re taking driving lessons with us, we will notify you of your readiness for the driving test and talk to you about the test runs.

Safe Driving Lessons

As a driving school operating in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne we focus to help build your driving skills. 

Our aim is two fold: one to help you attain your driver’s licence and the other to help build habits of safe driving. Safe driving will come handy for years into your future.

Driving Lessons Operation Hours

We know how demanding your time can be and that is why we provide valuable driving lessons 7 days a week between 8am to 8pm at night.

Our policy is to provide the best pricing regardless of the day you take your driving lessons. We make sure you save with your driving lessons costs even further by having one price list that is the same regardless of which day you take your driving lessons.

Driving Instructors

Our driving instructors are experienced and will adjust to your level of driving experience. We are experts in the driving school industry and work quite well with beginners and experienced learner drivers, overseas drivers and refresher driving lessons for those who may need to freshen up their driving skills.

Need For P’s Driving School employ’s friendly and professional driving instructors who are committed to helping every learner driver to pass their VicRoads driving test on the first go.

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