Our Driving School operates throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne providing quality driving lessons to each and every learner driver. Here at Need for P’s Broadmeadows Driving School we understand health is as important as learning to drive. That is why we take every precaution to protect ourselves and our student learner drivers during every lesson. Gloves and/or hand sanitiser are a part of every driving lesson and available at the beginning and at the end. We will ensure our vehicle’s steering wheel together with door handles, gear shifter, seat belt, interior mirror and console will be wiped with anti bacterial wipes after every driving lesson. All our driving instructors will be wearing their anti-flu face masks for health and safety. Thank you!
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Need for P’s Driving School Broadmeadows operates throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne providing driving lessons to learner drivers who need to attain their VicRoads Driver’s Licence. We’ve helped hundreds of young learner drivers who have gone on and passed their driving test with ease.

We’ve helped many learner drivers successfully pass the  VicRoads Driver’s Licence Test. We offer quality driving lessons in Broadmeadows, Coburg North, Glenroy, Gladstone Park, Tullamarine, Greenvale, Thomastown, Lalor, Campbellfield, Fawkner, Oak Park, Roxburgh Park, Craigieburn, Lalor, Meadow Heights, Westmeadows and many more surrounding suburbs. Call today to secure your driving lessons with the best driving instructors.

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows will help each and every learner to become good and safe drivers.  We will teach and prepare the learner driver for their drive test. Our drive test results are one of the highest in the driving school industry.


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Driving School

Driving School Instructors

  • Our friendly Driving School Instructors enables you to learn at ease.
  • We are local driving instructors who are trained to high standards.
  • All our learner driver vehicles are late models fitted with dual controls for safety and easy driving.
  • Our driving instructors hold Certificate IV Accreditation and are great communicators when it comes to driver education.
  • We have undergone police checks together with medical checks.
  • We also retain working with children identification cards and your child is safe with us.

Driving Lessons For Everyone

  • Beginner Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • Intensive Driving Lessons
  • International Licence Conversion
  • Nervous Drivers Driving Lessons
  • Practice Driving Test Route

Driving Lesson Prices

We offer high quality but affordable driving lessons.

GET $5 Off Your First Lesson

45min – – $45
60min – – $55
Driving Test $145

We offer affordable driving lessons to all learner drivers. Our Driving Lesson Package Deals are by far the best value for driving lessons. You save more with package deals. Our Package Deals start from $190 for 5 lessons. Talk to us for the best pricing structure to fit your budget.

Get the best driving lesson prices with the best driving instructors in Broadmeadows. Get in touch with us today. Leave your details and we’ll call you back.

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Driving TestLearning to drive a car with Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows is an interesting opportunity for you because we will make certain to help you to boost your confidence levels. Our Northern Suburbs driving instructors are professional driving instructors who offer their professional service to help you gain necessary skills and experience in learning to drive a car.

Need For P’s Driving School assembles an extensive learning schedule that allows the learner to build driving abilities from the start. Our team make all studying tasks enjoyable and simple to master. We are so convinced that soon after enlisting you will enjoy the training in reference to learning to drive a car.

Need For P’s Driving School instructors with their extensive teaching styles deliver tuition to the highest levels, providing a service that will probably extend your road awareness and build your driving abilities.

Cheap Driving Lessons

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows are one of the North Suburban’s fastest expanding driving schools and have actually aided numerous beginner motorists in and around Broadmeadows to pass the driving test. Our experts have among the top pass rates in Melbourne and have helped 98% of all learners to go on and pass their driving test.

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows instructors have many years of coaching young trainees to get their driver’s licence with ease.

Our goal is to help you successfully pass the driving examination. With Need For P’s Driving School in Broadmeadows.

Driving InstructorsWe know just how crucial a driver’s licence is to folks living in Melbourne. Often times, public transportation is not really the most reliable means to get around. A vehicle is certainly a must to own and a driver’s licence need to be on every young persons mind.

A motorist’s licence gives one substantial freedom as well as independence. We likewise believe that drivers have a greater liability on the roads when driving themselves and their families. Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows with their road skills, safe driver education and training guides helps all learner motorists to grow skill-sets that will enable them to become safer vehicle drivers on the roads.

 Defensive Driving Lessons

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows instructors will deal with all learner motorists and help develop defensive driving patterns. With our company you will grow your abilities and improve your road driving self-esteem required to operate a vehicle securely in all traffic situations.

Driving School

  • Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows aims to help you attain your driver’s licence on your 1st driving test.
  • We are a reliable driving school in Broadmeadows.
  • Our experts are qualified professional driving instructors who get on and correspond easily with all new learner motorists.
  • Need For P’s Driving school Broadmeadows are going to work to support all beginners until they are good safe drivers.
  • Need For P’s Driving School Instructors are simply encouraging.
  • Our instructors are able to pass their driving insights and proficiency to their students.
  • We are able to empower and teach the important abilities, and help build safe driving behaviors in trainee motorists.
  • To save money on driving lesson expenditures, it really is advisable to pick between multi-package lessons deals.
  • Practice makes perfect in the Northern Suburbs.
  • International licence conversion.
  • Broadmeadows Driving School is a Northern Suburbs Driving School.
  • Beginner driver log-book specialists.
  • Driving school Broadmeadows is a friendly driving school which is a family operated business.
  • Get city and heavy traffic driving lessons.
  • Advanced or refresher driving lessons for learners.
  • Driving courses for nervous motorists.
  • Warm and composed driving teachers who can communicate every road lesson.
  • We hold a current police check together with a working with children identification.
  • Intensive driving lessons also available in for people who have clocked many hours &  driving experience.

Student Testimonials

Click here for students driving tests or Check out our Facebook Page for more real  testimonials.

Driving Lessons Videos

How to Pass trams

Giving way at a roundabout

Giving way at intersections

Qualified and Accredited Driving Instructors Broadmeadows

Learn to Drive Smart & Be a Safe Driver For Life.

VicRoads Office

The first step toward succeeding in getting your VicRoads driver’s licence is to have a good plan of action. This plan needs to prepare you to drive solo and well enough to get your VicRoads Driver’s Licence. We know what is required to get you from a total beginner driver to someone who will be ready to pass the driving test.

Our driving Instructors have more than 10+ years of driving knowledge and instructor teaching abilities who are able to easily pass their roadway skills to their learner driver students.

Need For P’s Driving School Instructors are very courteous, realistic and exceptionally professional in their services.

Our driving school provides learner driver training throughout the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. We are a Northern Suburbs Driving School operating in more than 30 suburbs.

Association’s Code of Conduct


Members of the ADTA are qualified driving instructors, who follow the Association’s Code of Conduct. As learner drivers, you will receive high professional standards, expert driver education and business from us. We are a Melbourne Driving School operating throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows Instructors carry comprehensive practical knowledge as instructors for student drivers. Our driving educators possess several years driving skills training young novice motorists in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows Instructors have helped hundreds of student drivers successfully pass their driver’s test. Out driving instructors possess a detailed understanding and practical experience of the assessments routes here at the Broadmeadows VicRoads Testing runs.

Need For P’s Driving School Broadmeadows coaches are registered members of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (ADTA) and are licensed driving coaches, who follow the Association’s Rules of conduct. As student motorists, you will get high professional standards, professional driver education and service from our driving school.

We are so sure that you will like us immediately after your very first driving lesson.

A great deal of our new students are actually recommended to our driving school simply by our previous students who have passed their driving test with us and are now driving solo on Melbourne roads.

Our staff are expert driver trainers who get along and communicate clearly with all new student motorists.
Need For P’s Driving school Broadmeadows work to help all learner drivers up until they are truly effective and safe drivers.

It is rare to find a driving school that is professional and friendly at the same time.

Broadmeadows Drive Test VicRoads Driving Test Pass The Driving Test Driving Test 1st Go

Driving School Broadmeadows

Melbourne’s residents love driving. Melbourne is a huge city by area. It can take some time to get around Melbourne. Most young people when they turn 17 sign up to get their learners permit and then aim at getting their driver’s licence by taking up driving lessons from their parents, friends and professional driving instructors.

We are a Northern Suburbs Driving School providing professional driving lessons to all residents in Broadmeadows, Craigieburn, Tullamarine, Roxburgh Park, Glenroy , Fawkner, Meadow Heights, Epping, Gladstone Park, Campbellfield, Oak Park, Coolaroo, Westmeadows and all surrounding suburbs. A full list of our suburbs serviced can be found here.

Need for P’s Driving School Broadmeadows has their main office just north of the Melbourne CBD and can help you prepare to pass your driving test successfully. Our Broadmeadows driving school has a high pass rate. But, in order to pass the drivers test you’ll need to be well-prepared and have had just enough driving lessons to get your own driving licence. That is why we recommend you take your driving lessons from a qualified driving instructor. This will provide you with all the benefits of correctly learning to drive a car. Taking proper lessons from qualified driving instructors gives the learner driver confidence to do well during the driving test.

The learner driver is just too anxious to sit for their VicRoads Practical Driving Test in the early stages of a persons driving career. However, that is not the way to go. You can learn the theoretical side of cars and traffic but it does not quite add up to getting the experience of actually driving the car. You need to have a the necessary driving skills and myriad of driving lessons to give you enough confidence to drive in many different road conditions.

When you enrol with our Broadmeadows driving school, a fully qualified driving instructor will assess your driving skills, your driving knowledge, car knowledge and anything else to give you a qualified and precise feedback as to where you stand relative to getting your Probationary Drivers Licence.

Call Need for P’s Driving School today to find out how close you are to attaining your VicRoads Driving Licence.

All learner drivers are wanting to get their driver’s licence are welcome to contact us at our Broadmeadows driving school. Whether you’re a first time driver or someone who has some driving experience or even an overseas licence holder, we can help you with your drive test and/or acquiring your driver’s licence.

Call us today on 0432 849 885 or SMS to 0432 849 884 for more information. Alternatively, fill out our on-line quick contact form on this page.

Our driving lessons in Broadmeadows and surrounding suburbs are suitable for all learners and overseas licence holders.  We will drive out to your home or an agreed location for your driving lessons and the driving lesson begins when you enter our learners vehicle.

Melbourne Driving Lessons

Quality Driving Lessons

Need for P’s Driving School Broadmeaodws provides high quality driving lessons in the Northern Suburbs.  We help and teach learner drivers the driving lessons they need in order to pass the VicRoads Driving Test.  We are a Broadmeadows driving school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne operating in many suburbs. Check out our  Driving Lessons in Glenroy, Driving Instructors Fawkner, Driving School Craigieburn, Tullamarine, Driving Lessons Coburg North, Lalor Driving School, Thomastown Driving School, Meadow Heights Driving Instructors, Driving Lessons Oak Park, Gladstone Park Driving Lessons and all surrounding suburbs.

If you’re ready for your driving test and want to book your drive test in VicRoads Bundoora, Carlton or Broadmeadows then call the Need For P’s Driving School team to help get your licence fast.

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