Our Driving School operates throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne providing quality driving lessons to each and every learner driver. Here at Need for P’s Broadmeadows Driving School we understand health is as important as learning to drive. That is why we take every precaution to protect ourselves and our student learner drivers during every lesson. Gloves and/or hand sanitiser are a part of every driving lesson and available at the beginning and at the end. We will ensure our vehicle’s steering wheel together with door handles, gear shifter, seat belt, interior mirror and console will be wiped with anti bacterial wipes after every driving lesson. All our driving instructors will be wearing their anti-flu face masks for health and safety. Thank you!

Driving Lessons Pricelist​

Affordable Driving Lessons

45 Minute Lessons

  • 45 Minute Lesson $40

    Single Lesson Only

  • 5 x 45 Minutes Package $190

    Multi Lesson Packs - saving $10!

  • 10 x 45 Minutes Package $370

    Multi Lesson Packs - saving $30!

  • 1 x 45 Minute + Driving Test $170

    1 Lesson preceding the scheduled driving test.

60 Minute Lessons

90 Minute Lessons

  • 90 Minute Lesson $75

    Single Lesson Only

  • 5 x 90 Minutes Package $370

    Multi Lesson Packs

  • 10 x 90 Minutes Package $720

    90 Minute Multi-Lesson Packs - saves more!

  • 1 x 90 Minute + Driving Test $200

    1 Lesson preceding the scheduled driving test.

How to decide which package is best for me.

45min lessons/package

45 min lessons are most suitable for learners who want to learn the basics of car control locally. If you are one that is not in a hurry to get their driving lesson and want to take time to slowly get used to the driving safely on Victorian roads and have help with an available supervisor and then I can come back to check to see if there is room for improvement in an everyday traffic and hazards. Of course it is also for people who have a budget.

60min lessons/package

Is most suitable for learners who are keen to adapting their safe driving habits quicker and who are a little in a hurry to get their licence perhaps due to work requirements.

It also allows us to use this 1 hour to travel on the freeway and get the experience and the danger of freeway traffic and thus overcome the fear of traveling on a freeway.

Depending on your location it also allows enough time for you to travel on a country road and in the city area to practice the Hook Turns.

90min lesson/Package

This is for learners who do not have enough time on their hand and try to squeeze as much driving lessons and develop those needed driving skills to become a safe driver on the road. practice due to time limits.

It also allows for you to get quicker results depending on your learning ability. You will overcome your fears quicker as your body and mind adapts to your driving hence forming a safe driving habit that you will not forget in your next driving lesson. It also allows us to travel to an unfamiliar area where you have never been before to increase road knowledge and experience. This allows us to see whether you can predict traffic hazard and interpret the road rules in those far suburbs. These lessons allows one to test themselves whether or not you are ready to drive solo by trusting your feeling on the road outside your comfort zone.

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