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Hazard Perception Test

Need For P’s Driving School has one of the highest driving test pass rates in Melbourne. We train our students to drive confidently, safely and with the skills necessary to pick potential hazards from occurring.  The best way to learn or increase hazard perception skills is whilst driving. There are loads of hazards driver throughout Melbourne experience. We come across them all the time. That is why it is important that you learn as much as possible in detecting hazards  because it is part of the process of getting your driver’s license.

Need for P’s Driving School’s instructors are skilled teachers who will point out on every occasion of possible hazards before they materialise.  This will give the learner driver the time to analyse the situation and imprint it in their mind for future reference. Hazards are things that have varying degrees of predicability that could develop into accidents if the situation is not analysed.

Very skilled drivers or people who have been driving for so many years are the safest drivers. These people have paid attention to their environment to drive safely. They anlayse their driving environment and assess their driving situation for potential accidents. When they see the hazard then they can take evasive action and avoid an accident.

Get the Professional Lessons and increase your hazard perception skill.

If you’re a beginner or someone who is almost ready to go for your drivers licence then call us to help you ready for your driving licence test.  By the time our students have completed our driving courses they will be ready to go for the VicRoads Driving Test.

Our dedicated driving instructors are excellent teachers who enjoy the what they do, and love helping every learner driver to get their driver’s licence.  It is our aim to help as many learner drivers in Melbourne to learn to drive safely and acquire their licence in the process.

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Are You Ready for the Hazard Perception Test?

When a learner driver has obtained enough driving lessons as per VicRoads requirements and is well ready as per our criteria for the hazard perception  test then it is time to sit for this test.

We believe that the hazard perception test be taken as late as possible in your journey toward obtaining your driving licence. It is also common sense that 120 hours of driving lessons either with someone at home who has been giving you driving lessons or with a qualified driving instructor would have presented many hazards whilst driving. Hazard perception skills are best learned whilst driving in traffic with your driver trainer.

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The VicRoads Hazard Perception Test

What’s the hazard perception test about?

The hazard perception test checks:

    – you’re able to recognise and respond to hazards and
    – how well you can observe the whole road scene and to respond safely.

To get your probationary driver licence you need to pass both your hazard  perception and drive test. Click the link to learn more about the hazard perception test with VicRoads.

Here at Need for P’s Driving School we help and encourage all learners to learn to drive in safety. We ensure all driving lessons have a specific connection to safe driving on the roads. We are so sure most parents prefer and would want their children to be safer drivers for life.

We believe that our Driving School has a positive impact on the driving habits of every learner driver when it comes to safe driving and safety.

Professional Driving Instructors

Need For P’s Driving School employ’s friendly and professional driving instructors who are committed to helping every learner driver to pass their VicRoads driving test on the first go. We have proof of that and 98% of our students pass their driving test. Just check out our students who’ve passed their driver’s licence test.

Hazard perception skills builds your ability and increases your skills to drive safely. Learning to drive with professional driving instructors helps you further with your driving education. Below is a some of our students who have passed their driving test successfully with a smile. You too can do the same.

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