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Need For P’s Driving School Instructors are great at what they do. Our driving instructors just love to teach learner drivers to drive a car. We are a professional driving school with dedicated driving instructors who enjoy helping the young to drive a car safely. Our driving instructors have been in the driving school industry for a while now and are up to date with all their road skills and eager to pass it along to future motorists.

We don’t like to boast but we are there near the top with 98% of our students passing their driving tests. Great results because our driving instructors can educate the learner driver in the use of a motor vehicle in traffic.

Get yourself pre-qualified for the driving test before going for your VicRoads driving licence.  We provide excellent value in each driving lesson to all our students. We work together to help you learn not only to drive on your own but also to help prepare you for the VicRoads Driving Test. There is so much we share during each driving lesson.

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Driving Instructors Eager To Teach You To Drive a Car

If you’re a beginner or someone who is almost ready to go for your drivers licence then call us to help you ready for your driving licence test.  By the time our students have completed our driving courses they will be ready to go for the VicRoads Driving Test with ease.

Our dedicated driving instructors are excellent teachers who enjoy what they do, and love helping every learner driver to get their driver’s licence.  It is our aim to help as many learner drivers in Melbourne to learn to drive safely and acquire their licence in the process.

We have one of the best driving lesson prices in Australia. We are affordable yet we provide great driving lessons to go along.
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Are You Ready For Your First Driving Lesson?

Did you recently get your learners or L Plates? Then why not get your first driving lesson with us. You are probably qualified for a free driving lesson. Call us and talk to us about it. We’ve helped many young drivers to learn to drive and go on to getting their driver’s licence.

Just check out our blog pages for some of our students and their photos of proof who have now got their driver’s licence. We thank them for sharing their success with us. They received the best driving instructors in the northern suburbs to take driving lessons from.

We don’t claim to have taken them the whole 120 hours of driving but our input has made a big influence in their ability and confidence levels to allow them to perform greater at the driving test.

We are capable and able to communicate with you regardless of how much lessons you’ve received. If you’re a total beginner then we can help you with your first few lessons to get you going. Talk to us about customised driving lessons.

Learn To Drive in Confidence and Safety

Here at Need for P’s Driving School we help and encourage all learners to learn to drive in safety. We ensure all driving lessons have a specific connection to safe driving on the roads. We are so sure most parents prefer and would want their children to be safer drivers for life. We put a lot into safe learning habits. That is what avoids accidents on the roads. Safe drivers pay less for their insurance in the long run.

We believe that our Driving School has a positive impact on the driving habits of every learner driver when it comes to safe driving and safety.

Professional Driving Instructors

When it comes to going for your driving test you really need someone who has ample experience with driving tests. We’ve helped so many learners pass their diving test with ease. Our driving instructors are experienced and will adjust their language to your level of driving experience. We are experts in the driving school industry and work quite well with beginners, experienced learner drivers, overseas drivers and those who need refresher driving lessons to  up their driving skills.

Need For P’s Driving School employ’s friendly and professional driving instructors who are committed to helping every learner driver to pass their VicRoads driving test on the first go. We have proof and 98% of our students pass their driving test. Click the link below for students who’ve passed their driver’s licence test.

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