Need For P's Driving School Coburg North

Driving Lessons Coburg North

 A Local Driving School in Coburg North.

A local driving school Coburg North with affordable driving lessons for all learner drivers who live in your area. Our commitment is to help every learner driver to acquire the very best instructional driving lessons possible. Our Coburg North driving instructors are certified driving trainers, licenced to teach driving and are specialists in the driving school industry. We are a local driving school serving Coburg North and surrounding residential areas too.

Sign up today and learn to drive in Coburg North with our professional driving trainers who are friendly, helpful and very client.

Low Cost Driving Lessons Coburg North

Here at Need For P’s Driving School we provide great driving lessons at very affordable prices that will benefit you and your budget. We are extremely competitive on driving lesson prices. Check out our package deals for more cost savings. The more driving lessons you enrol in the more you save!

Need For P's Driving School Coburg North

Need for P’s Driving School offers quality driving lessons in Coburg North. If you are a learner who requires some good driving lessons from specialist driving instructors then contact us to assist you out. We are very friendly and helpful.

Overseas Driver's Licence Conversions

Do you have an overseas driver’s licence?  Do you need to get it converted to Victorian Motorist Licence in order to freely drive in Australia? We can assist you with your driver’s licence requirements. Call us to go over with you how we can help you get your overseas driving licence transferred to an Australian driver’s licence.

Enrol today for quick refresher driving lessons to assist and help you adjust to Australian road driving conditions and guidelines.

Our Coburg North Driving Instructors

Our driving instructors are extremely helpful and they will direct you through the process of how to drive a car by yourself. Their specialist skills and mentoring will take you from total novice to motorists where you will be able to venture on your own in short time. We’ll ensure you wind up getting your VicRoads driver’s licence which will enable you to drive throughout Australia.

Need for P’s Driving School offers driving lessons within the northern suburb of Melbourne.  We cover all residential areas surrounding and provide driving lessons in Coburg North, Coburg, Fawkner, Pascoe Vale, Glenroy, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Oak Park, Moreland and many more.

Some of the abilities you will be able to build with our Coburg North Driving School.

  1. Learn to utilise over the shoulder & other head checks while turning or changing lanes in traffic.
  2. Insider secrets on how to pass the driving test with ease.
  3. Find out how to make u-turns correctly.
  4. Learn to safely drive at roundabouts.
  5. Get on the minute directions, guides and valuable tips for managing different scenarios throughout your driving lessons in Coburg North.
  6. Learn how to use cars indicator and mirrors the correct way.
  7. Learn to drive easily in the CBD with trams.
  8. Learn more about car operations.
  9. Learn how to adjust your driving in different driving conditions.
  10. Get driving test tips when you’re all set for the driving test.
  11. Get immediate expert road driving suggestions as you drive.
  12. Increase your confidence in yourself and driving capabilities with each driving lesson.
  13. Build up your hazard perception skills.
  14. Learn how to be more alert throughout the driving lessons.
  15. Learn how to change lanes within fast moving traffic.
Driving Lessons Checklist

Victorian Driving Licence Test

Learn how to drive with us at the local driving school Coburg North. We will take you from a complete newbie and get you ready for the Victorian Driving Licence Test. When you’ve prepared for the licence test a last driving lesson will be taken prior to the test to get you relaxed and ready. Ensure that you reserve your driving test ahead and enable lots of weeks to get ready for it. Talk to us and find out what is the very best times to take your driving test. There are specific days and conditions we try to avoid booking for the test.

We also offer packages that consists of a driving test day with multi-driving lessons. Check out our economical driving lessons price list to save for your driving licence.

Driving Lessons & Diving TestTips

  • Take regular driving lessons weekly leading up to your VicRoads driving test.
  • Ensure you bring your learner’s driving licence with you all the time.
  • Ensure your learner driver log book is with you and record each driving lesson you take.
  • Be sure that you have completed 120 hours of supervised driving before the driving test.
  • Sleep well the day before taking your driving test and/or driving lessons in Coburg North.
  • Maintain a safe driving range between cars in front of you.
  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes.
  • If you wear glasses make sure you have them with you.
  • Turn off your smart phone throughout the driving test and driving lessons.
  • Be clear and alert. Do not rush or speed during the driving test.
  • To have a safe driving experience, avoid tail gating and ensure 2 – 3 seconds in between the car in front of you.
  • Be on time all the time.
  • Make sure  you’re aware and up to date on all existing road guidelines.
  • Research and study the VicRoads Solo Driving Handbook.
  • Be relaxed and in a happy mood before and during the driving test and driving lessons too.
  • Reserve a safe driving distance in between cars in front of you.
  • Be observant of what other drivers are doing on the roads in Coburg North.

Driving Courses Coburg North

Here at Coburg North Driving School we make it easy for you. You select what you need and we assist in the very best way to help you to drive.

Our driving school teaches all student motorists from complete beginners to more skilled drivers to become solo motorists in a solid pace and thus successfully get you through the driving test.

Every lesson begins with you and we pursue helping you to improve your driving and build driving skills in the process. We ask that you carry your learner motorists log book to record the information of every driving lesson. It is mandatory to get at least 120 hours of driving lessons recorded in your log book.

The things we provide in Coburg North Driving School.

  • Learn to drive with the very best Coburg North driving instructors.
  • Learn to drive the car in and around Coburg North.
  • Rest assured that we are a fully insured driving school in Coburg North.
  • Our driving instructors are well spoken in and around Coburg North.
  • We’ll help you to pass the driving rest with ease.
  • To save money on driving lesson costs, it is best to choose between multi-package lessons deals.
  • Practice makes best in Coburg North.
  • We provide defensive driving lessons in Coburg North.
  • Coburg North Driving School is a Northern Suburbs Driving School.
  • Coburg North Overseas licence conversion.
  • Coburg North driving school is a family owned driving school.
  • City and rush hour driving lessons.
  • Refresher driving lessons for students in Coburg North.
  • We hold a valid Driving Instructors Authority Certificate.
  • We have a valid current police check and hold a working with kids identification.
  • Extensive driving lessons Coburg North.
  • We operate 7-days per week in providing Coburg North driving lessons.
  • Friendly and patient driving instructors in Coburg North.

Learn to Drive in Coburg North

Learning how to drive doesn’t have to be difficult. In truth we make it easy for you to learn driving. We’ll take you through the actions to become a competent motorist and at your speed.   Our aim is to get every trainee to confidently drive by themselves and pass the driving test when they are ready.

Our driving lessons are carried out in our well maintained learner driving cars. When you are in the driver’s seat we will teach you first to be a safe motorist on the roadway. By being a safe driver you will be more alert and able to pick up or prevent hazards in the driving environment. When drivers understand their driving environments, it allows them to have a more comfy driving experience. These skills are needed today with the ever increase population of roadway users to prevent accidents.

Student Testimonials

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