VicRoads Driving Test Passes – March 2019 2nd week

Congratulations to Citra, Maddy, Perissa and Ehab for passing their driving test and all on their first go. WOW!

We’ve had so many learner drivers passing their driving test in March.

Congratulations to Citra for passing her driving test 1st go at Broadmeadows vicroads. Well done Citra!

(No photo of Citra)

Congratulations to Maddy for passing her driving test 1st go at Broadmeadows vicroads.

(No photo of Ehab)

Congratulations to Perissa for passing her driving test 1st go at Bundoora vicroads

Perissa Passed The Driving Test

And finally, congratulations to Ehab for passing his driving test 1st go at Broadmeadows vicroads too. Well done mate!

Ehab Get's His Licence

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