Our Driving School operates throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne providing quality driving lessons to each and every learner driver. Here at Need for P’s Broadmeadows Driving School we understand health is as important as learning to drive. That is why we take every precaution to protect ourselves and our student learner drivers during every lesson. Gloves and/or hand sanitiser are a part of every driving lesson and available at the beginning and at the end. We will ensure our vehicle’s steering wheel together with door handles, gear shifter, seat belt, interior mirror and console will be wiped with anti bacterial wipes after every driving lesson. All our driving instructors will be wearing their anti-flu face masks for health and safety. Thank you!

Successful Learner Drivers at the Driving Test back in May 2019

Matthew had no problem passing the drivers test

Driving Lessons in Glenroy and surrounding suburbs. Driving Lessons Glenroy We are a Local Driving School servicing in Glenroy and surrounding suburbs. Need For P’s Driving School supplies quality driving courses in Glenroy. If you are a learner driver who requires exceptional driving lessons from professional driving instructors then get in touch with us to help you out. Some of our students who’ve past their driving test in the Norther Suburbs of Melbourne. Congratulation to all our successful students who are now on their P plates. All the best to you all. Safe driving! Matthew had no problem passing the …

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Driving Lessons Tips


1.Blind spot – Rex is near. Don’t forget your blind spots… you’ll never know what’s behind you. Make regular head checks to see incoming motorcyclists or bike riders in your mirrors. 2. Watch Out for Emus! The mob are on the loose! The Regional Roads Victoria team in Woodside snapped this photo of Emus going for a stroll on Carrajung-Woodside Rd. With native wildlife like this on the road, it’s important to remember to stay alert for animals while driving. 3. Road rule updates One taught us new road rules. Sign up for road rule updates delivered straight to your …

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