Our Driving School operates throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne providing quality driving lessons to each and every learner driver. Here at Need for P’s Broadmeadows Driving School we understand health is as important as learning to drive. That is why we take every precaution to protect ourselves and our student learner drivers during every lesson. Gloves and/or hand sanitiser are a part of every driving lesson and available at the beginning and at the end. We will ensure our vehicle’s steering wheel together with door handles, gear shifter, seat belt, interior mirror and console will be wiped with anti bacterial wipes after every driving lesson. All our driving instructors will be wearing their anti-flu face masks for health and safety. Thank you!

VicRoads Driving Test Passes – March 2019 2nd week

(No photo of Ehab)

Congratulations to Citra, Maddy, Perissa and Ehab for passing their driving test and all on their first go. WOW! We’ve had so many learner drivers passing their driving test in March. Congratulations to Citra for passing her driving test 1st go at Broadmeadows vicroads. Well done Citra! (No photo of Citra) Congratulations to Maddy for passing her driving test 1st go at Broadmeadows vicroads. Congratulations to Perissa for passing her driving test 1st go at Bundoora vicroads And finally, congratulations to Ehab for passing his driving test 1st go at Broadmeadows vicroads too. Well done mate! We offer all our …

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Congratulations Olivia with her new licence!

Well done Olivia in the driving test.

Congratulations Olivia for passing her driving test 1st go with www.needforpsdrivingschool.com.au. It is a thrill for us to see many of our learner drivers pass their driving test on their first go. Olivia took the driving test back in January and is now enjoying her new found freedom.

Natalie Passes Her Driving Test

Natilie on P's Now

Congratulations to Natalie for passing her driving test at Broadmeadows VicRoads with www.needforpsdrivingschool.com.au She Passed her driving test during Summer break where most people have more time to practice in the sun. A successful student and now a P plater. She’s done well to deserve her driving licence. All the best to you!

Lucinda Passes Her Driving Test

Congrats Lucinda with Your Driver's Licence

We would like to congratulate Lucinda for passing her driving test at the Bundoora VicRoads testing location. Bundoora Driving Lessons has paid well off for Lucinda. She got her driver’s licence and is now almost 4 months into her red P’s. All the best in the future.

Congratulations Nadine on Passing The Driving Test

Nadine Passes the Driving Test

Congratulations Nadine on passing her driving test at Broadmeadows vicroads 1st go. Nadine went and passed the driving test in January this year. Most of our students get their driving licence with ease. Ofcourse, all of this is possible with a good driving instructors Contact us if you want to get your driver’s licence.

Driving Test – Congratulations Patricia!

Congrats to Patricia for her Driving Test

Congratulations Patricia. Never doubted you to pass with me, at Broadmeadows vicroads. We wish all the best to Patricia for and easy driving test. Call Need for P’s Driving School if you’re in the Northern Suburbs and on learners. We can help get your driving licence.